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I am currently working for IDF in an App Development/Research Project.

Handelszentrum 16
5101 Bergheim

M: geder@cs.sbg.ac.at
W: https://www.geder.at/

PGP: 4096R/00CD562E
F258 2A8B 0367 F00B 0436
07E2 65D4 FFBD 00CD 562E

ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-4676-591X

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Monos is an implementation of the O(n log n) algorithm to construct the straight skeleton of a monotone polygon. It is written in C++ using CGAL (5.0).

monos - [https://github.com/cgalab/monos]

ipe bisector

An ipelet written in lua for the ipe drawing editor. This bisector ipelete enables ipe to draw (weighted) point and line bisectors using a single shorcut. Simply copy the .lua file in your ~/.ipe/ipelets/ directory to use it.

ipe ipelet - [https://github.com/guenthereder/ipe-bisector]


Roofer is written in C++ using CGAL. It computes the minimum-/maximum-volume natural roof over a given simple polygon. Description of these roofs can be found in our paper 10.1142/S0218195918500097.

roofer - [https://github.com/guenthereder/roofer]